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Holt's Diamond Jewelers opened in 1954 and is now a 3rd generation small town family jewelry store. We've traveled throughout the world in search of the finest jewelry at the best value for our customers.

We travel to Antwerp for the finest diamonds, and Idar Oberstein for their vast amounts of colored gemstones. We have on staff gemologist and goldsmiths which allow us to do all repairs and appraisals on sight. We also have the most technologically advanced jewelry repair machines in store, our laser welder allows us to complete even the most difficult of jewelry repairs at a low cost to our customers.

Our showroom is 3,000 sq feet and is brimming with inventory both new and estate. We offer a wide variety of services,  which include engraving. We have two engravers in store, one laser engraver and one computerized engraver. This allows us to engrave on potentially any surface brought into the store.

We are members of RJO (retail jewelers organization) which is composed of approximately 1,000 independent jewelry stores, and allows us to work hand in hand with suppliers allowing us to get the best prices around. On top of being able to get the best prices RJO allows us to continually increase our knowledge on what's going on in the jewelry industry and keep on top of trends.


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